SAVI Systems Perth - BIG SCREEN CINEMA POWERHOUSE 120" Home Theatre Package

Everyone loves a BIG screen and coupled to a POWERHOUSE sound system... you get a better experience at home with this set-up than at most Cinemas. SAVI Systems have put together a fantastic BIG 120" SCREEN CINEMA POWERHOUSE package that uses world renowned brands now available at breakthrough pricing.

The SAVI Systems BIG SCREEN THEATRE 120" POWERHOUSE pack gets you a 120" diagonal Dinon fixed frame screen with the Sound+Image Award Winning BenQ Home Theatre projector for a massive screen experience.
To make sure your Home theater System absolutely rocks, we have matched the What Hi-Fi recommended Yamaha A/V receiver with the American brand Definitive Technology, and their High Performance super towers with their own Active 8" sub woofer incorporated into EACH tower. 
All this makes for a system that sounds amazingly clear, has phenomenal room shaking bass and is a joy to use.
* All stocks are limited