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These days security alarms are capable of performing a variety of functions, many of which surpass the traditional role of the alarm system in the home. One such function is known in the home security industry as home automation. Alarm systems that are designed for home automation are generally constructed so that they can perform many different roles in addition to their traditional use as a security device. Many alarm companies create home automation packages by bundling popular security alarms with other types of equipment that allows the alarm to perform new functions.

While home automation alarm systems tend to vary in terms of what they are capable of doing a vast majority of home automation systems on the market can typically perform the same basic set of functions. One of the main functions of a home automation alarm system, aside from acting as a security alarm for the home, is the control of certain devices within the home. The most common devices that home automation security alarms can control are the lights within the home. Lighting controls also allow the homeowner to save money on their electricity bill, not to mention the fact that home automation alarms with lighting controls also allow the homeowner to take a much more active role in their home security by determining which lights need to be left on and when.