Tributaries Series 8 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable with Spades

Tributaries 8BW-BL is a high-performance Bi-Wire Speaker cable made by hand in Orlando, Florida. The 8BW-8BL is designed with heavy 14AWG Long-Crystal Oxygen-Free (LC-OFC) copper conductors that are terminated with Series 8 locking banana plugs on the amp end and Series 8 spade lugs on the speaker end. The conductors have a unique individually insulated dual-gauge configuration for superior sound clarity. The 8BW-BL is available in each and is stocked in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft lengths with custom lengths available

The 8BW is terminated with red & black banana plug and spade lug connectors. The wires are secured by dual screw terminals in Orlando, Florida to solid gold-plated brass Series 8 locking banana plugs and Series 8 spade lug connectors.

  • Hand made in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Star-Quad design reduces cable inductance and distortion
  • Four 14AWG LC-OFC conductors for best signal transfer
  • 3 separate wire gauges for best bass, midrange and highs
  • Propriety optimized cable geometry for low noise and distortion
  • Unique design by Jay Victor for superior sound quality, exclusively from Tributaries
  • Gold plated solid brass Series 8 double locking banana plugs and spade lugs
  • Decorative woven jacket over a UL® CL2 PVC jacket
  • Available in custom length, sold by each

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