AMI DAC/Amp & KEF On-Ear Headphones

SAVI Systems

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SAVI Systems present the AMI DAC/Headphone Amp paired with Kef M400 headphones

This combination of the Japanese designed AMI headphone DAC amp and UK designed KEF Headphones provides flexibility and sound quality that is enjoyable across a wide variety of music in all genres. The great thing about the KEF M400 headphones is that they also sound pretty good straight out of a portable device (such as your phone or tablet) for on the go - and when you come back home plugging into the AMI improves sound quality as well as handling various analog and digital inputs.

Firstly, lets talk about the AMI.....straight out of Japan comes this amazingly engineered, retro looking headphone amp/DAC.    

The AMI MUSIK DDH-1 is a flexible unit that includes Analogue to Digital Conversion for analogue devices to output through optical digital output. It also has the more common Digital to Analogue Conversion for listening to music from a USB, Optical or Coaxial Digital input. The DDH1's functionality is amazing - it also has a toggle switch on the rear for fixed analogue output (DAC Mode) or Variable Analogue Output (DAC+Pre-amp Mode).

The AMI DDH1 handles up to 24/192 files with a sample rate indicator light to indicate that the DAC is receiving the signal at the resolution you are expecting. 

The KEF On-Ear Headphones are both comfortable, well engineered and great sounding.

They can be used effectively on the go straight out of your phone or tablet, but really start to sing when connected to the AMI DDH1. The KEF M400 have metal parts and a sturdy design and are relatively comfortable for an on-ear. They come in a few different eye-catching colors, offer good sound and include a detachable cord with an integrated Apple-friendly inline remote/microphone for smartphone use. They fold up to fit into an included protective carrying case.

This combination gives a great balance between warmth of tone and dynamic punch.

It also manages to look great whilst doing it.

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