Arcam FMJ-A39 Integrated Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier

SAVI Systems presents the Arcam FMJ- A39 Hi-Fi Amplifier

So you like to listen at "realistic" live music concert volumes...  meet the A39 - this amp runs nearly any speaker giving a big sound full of gusto and authority.

If your speakers are a tricky load or some inefficient panel speakers that stress out most modern amplifiers / receivers,  then this amplifier suits you. The Arcam FMJA39 is one of the new Arcam integrated stereo Hi-Fi amplifier releases and features a real 120W (x2) into 8 ohm, this doubles to 240W (x2) into 4 ohm courtesy of the Arcam Class G amplification. This amplifier is designed to really be unflustered by nearly any speaker load it's powering, it is capable of controlling tricky loads and delivers a big, tight and tuneful bass with nearly any loudspeaker it powers.

With the Arcam FMJA39 the first 20W of power is delivered in pure class A. Class A amplification is widely considered the best for an ultra low distortion signal that is pleasingly accurate, dynamic, detailed, warm and musical.  Class G provides a more powerful delivery of sound to your speakers irrespective of their impedance, so when you turn the volume up, the Arcam A39 keeps up. So whether you need finesse or brute force, the Arcam A39 is ready to deliver the goods on both fronts.

Featuring 8 analogue inputs (including a decent MM Phono stage) there is no shortage of inputs... The Arcam A39 also features A + B speaker outputs for powering either a second set of speakers or bi-wiring / bi-amping your main front speakers.

Arcam have also included a dedicated high quality headphone out for personal listening sessions.  On the back there is a dedicated high quality accessory power output jack so the A39 can be expanded further to become a digital hub with optional Arcam add-ons such as a the award winning Arcam irDAC-II giving numerous wired digital and wireless Bluetooth digital interfaces.

So why not get the Arcam FMJ A39 class G amp to form the centre of a great Hi-Fi system in your home. The A39 delivers it's first 20W in pure class A before kicking into it's 240W (4 ohm capable) power to keep your Hi-Fi dynamic and sweet over a wide volume range.

Arcam is deservedly recommended by many a Hi-Fi magazine over the last 40 years - and the A39 is Arcam's best Mid priced high end offering yet.

Arcam FMJA39 | SAVI Systems Perth


The Arcam FMJA39 - a Hi-Fi Choice group test winner -   
" One feels the sensation of really being there at the venue, and I find myself transfixed by the music. Tonally the Arcam combo is pleasingly rich and warm in the bass, but it also has a lovely glint to cymbals that the others here all lack. In short, it’s in a class all of its own " .
SAVI Systems are Perth's Premium Arcam Authorised Hi-Fi Dealers

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