Arcam FMJ-A49 Integrated Stereo 200W Hi-Fi Amplifier

SAVI Systems presents the Mighty Arcam FMJ-A49 Powerful (2x 200W) Hi-Fi Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Here at SAVI Systems we understand that when it comes to power - sometimes a bit too much is actually just the right amount... 

Like to listen at high volume? 

Have a large room that needs some real power to fill? 

Need Hi-Fi audiophile grade sound with tonnes of power in a neat, high end one box solution?

Power, authority and finesse are the name of the game with the new multi award winning Arcam FMJA49. 

The Arcam A49 is the NEW top of the line (TOTL) Arcam stereo Hi-Fi integrated amplifier and as such the A49 features 200W (x2) of Class G amplification!  With the Arcam A49 the first 50W of power is delivered in pure Class A... Class A amplification is widely considered the best for an ultra low distortion signal that is pleasingly accurate, dynamic, detailed, warm and musical. Basically, this integrated is one of the most powerful and subtle champs out there - and it will drive practically ANY speaker with grip and authority up to and beyond realistic volumes. This super integrated is bound to become a legendary classic.

Arcam’s A49 integrated amplifier represents the pinnacle of Arcam’s audio engineering, featuring 8 analogue inputs (including a decent MM Phono stage) there is no shortage of source choices...

The Arcam A49 also features A + B speaker outputs for either a second set of speakers or bi-wiring your main front speakers. Arcam have included a dedicated high quality headphone output for personal listening sessions.  On the back there is a dedicated high quality accessory power output jack so the A49 can be expanded further to become a digital hub with optional Arcam add-ons such as a the award winning Arcam irDAC-II giving several wired digital and wireless Bluetooth digital inputs. 

Arcam have years of experience building simple to use, elegantly designed great British Hi-Fi. Arcam has made a name for itself for both great Hi-Fi and equally great Surround sound products... they are perhaps most famous for their amplifiers.

So why not get the Arcam FMJ A49 class G amp to form the centre of an amazing Hi-Fi system in your home. The A49 delivers it's first 50W in pure class A before kicking into it's 400W (4 ohm capable) power. Arcam is deservedly recommended by many a Hi-Fi magazine over the years. 

The Arcam A49 is well reviewed on-line as perhaps one of Arcam's best sounding Hi-Fi amps ever made in their 40 odd year history.


Arcam FMJA49 Super Integrated Amp | SAVI systems Perth


Quote from Enjoy the Music :
" This is the best Arcam amplifier I've ever heard, with a big effortless sound and a great ability to resolve bass rhythms with high precision. It has very good depth, sounds transparent, the mid-range has excellent tonality with fine fluidity, and it has a great dynamic range and will drive difficult loads. " 
SAVI Systems are one of Perth's Premium Arcam Authorised Hi-Fi Dealers

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