Arcam FMJ-P49 Stereo Power Amplifier

SAVI Systems presents the Arcam P49 Hi-Fi Power Amp

More Power to the people!

The Arcam P49 2 channel Power Amplifier has an impressive 200W (RMS 8 ohm) / 400W (RMS 4ohm) of Arcam's new class G power. This enables the P49 to drive nearly any speaker, in any situation... integrated into a home theatre or pure Hi-Fi 2 channel stereo.

Featuring a huge toroidal power supply and the first 50 W of power in pure class A, the P49 produces astonishingly low levels of distortion at normal listening levels.

In the case of the P49 - "with great power comes great finesse" - as you get not only a lot of power, but a beautiful, full, warm detailed Hi-Fi sound rivalling other amplifier designs that cost far more.

The Arcam P49 is flexible in set up and can run A (and/or) B speakers as it is - plus if you want to combine a second P49 and bridge them to mono you will get over 700 W (RMS 8 ohm) of pure Hi-Fi power! In fact, the P49 has been designed with system building flexibility in mind and can be configured as a traditional stereo power amp, bridged mode or dual mono mode allowing for the "ultimate" system of an Arcam C49 pre-amp with six bridged P49's tri-amping the main speakers.


SAVI Systems are one of Perth's Premium Arcam Authorised Hi-Fi Dealers 

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