Arcam FMJ-UDP411 Universal Disc Player


SAVI Systems presents the Arcam UDP411 Universal BD/SACD/CD Player

The Arcam UDP411 universal disc player is a no compromise design where both audio and video capabilities are treated equally and given an attention to detail that few others manage. This results in outstanding performance in both disciplines.

This Blu-Ray player delivers 2 channel music (either streaming or from CD) to the same quality as a dedicated CD player - it is a 2 channel champ! 

Unlike most Blu-Ray machines on the market, music from your network, SACD & CD is delivered with outstanding quality while HD Blu-Ray movie performance (with either 2D or 3D films), is to the very highest standards currently available. 

With an almost direct video path from the disc or network video the UDP411 up-scales all video sources to 4k resolution if you want. This short signal path approach allows pictures to be presented without unintentional artefacts and delivers the kind of pristine picture quality that will truly captivate any viewer. Using broadcast quality digital video clocks during processing means the resulting picture quality is simply stunning. 

To ensure the UDP411’s music performance meets the same “reference” standards as a stand alone music player, the class leading TI/Burr Brown PCM1794 digital to analogue converter (DAC) is used.

The DAC is coupled with a linear phase Bessel output filter and high precision re-clocking system which results in audio quality comparable to a dedicated audiophile CD player. Even the UDP411’s power supply has been specially designed for outright performance. Discreet sub-regulated power supplies on the drive, audio and DAC boards deliver significant benefits to the overall performance of each element and thus allow each section to work truly independently and without interference.Arcam FMJ UDP11 | SAVI Systems Perth


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