Arcam miniBlink Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC

Want to free up the sound from your portable device without wires yet maintain a sound that is high quality? The Arcam miniBlink gives you the opportunity stream from your phone, tablet or bluetooth enabled computer to a regular sound system. All you need is a spare AUX input on your amplifier or receiver and you can enjoy streaming both music and the audio from videos via bluetooth to your existing system.

The Award Winning Arcam miniBlink Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC adaptor supports the aptX codec to enable high quality, reliable fuss free streaming. Utilising a high quality PCM5102 DAC that operates in 24bits internally means that the sound quality that comes out of the miniBlink is world class (What Hi-Fi Magazine Award winner).    

So when you want to free up all the audio from any of your bluetooth devices and hear all the audio without the cables - the Arcam miniBlink is the go.


SAVI Systems are one of Perth's Premium Arcam Authorised Hi-Fi Dealers 


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