Arcam rBlink Bluetooth wireless DAC

So, you've got a great sound system but it lacks the wireless convenience of Bluetooth?

The Arcam rBlink is the high end solution for you. 

The award winning Arcam rBlink is an audiophile grade Bluetooth music converter that utilises high quality digital and analogue components throughout. This means you can sit back in your favourite chair and stream the audio from your bluetooth enabled mobile device to your existing Hi-Fi or A/V system without any cables between you and your music.  So whether you are listening to music or streaming video - you will be sitting in the best seat in the house completely free of annoying cables.

Engineered by Arcam, and taking advantage of the aptX high quality transmission system, the rBlink allows any Bluetooth equipped device to quickly and easily send music straight to a Hi-Fi system in the same room with stunning quality.

The rBlink even includes a high gain antenna for crystal clear connection minimising audio drop outs. 

The rBlink uses a high-end Burr Brown 24 bit PCM 5102 DAC to convert music to both a line level output and a SPDIF coaxial digital output - this makes it ready for connection to a whole host of audio systems. Installation is easy with a simple pairing system for new devices. 

So for maximum convenience with a minimal loss of quality on your existing sound system it is difficult to beat the award winning Arcam rBlink.


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