Audio Technica AT-LP1240 Heavy Duty Pro Direct Drive Turntable with USB

SAVI Systems present the Heavy Duty Audio Technica AT-LP1240 Direct Drive Turntable with USB

Audio Technica is a Japanese company that has been making professional audio products since 1962. With the 'Vinyl Revival' steaming along Audio Technica have expanded their range of turntables and turntable cartridges and generally they represent some of the best quality, professional grade inspired equipment at down to earth prices. Their turntables represent fantastic value for money options from a company that has been in this part of the industry for over 50 years.

This is a heavy duty professional quality turntable that is designed with both live DJ use in nightclubs, touring and mobile applications as well as for rock solid playback by music lovers to play their record collections at home. To help with flexibility of use in newer set-ups it also features a defeatable built-in phono preamp. By having the Phono pre-amp built in it enables the AT LP1240 to be used with a wide variety of receivers, powered speakers and other A/V components that don't feature the normally required circuit for a turntable (called a phono pre-amp). As an added 21st century benefit, the AT LP1240 offers a USB output that allows direct connection to a computer for easy LP-to-digital conversion so you can listen to high quality vinyl rips when you are away from your records.

The AT LP1240 pro turntable is built to deliver high quality music reproduction in all situations - whether at home or even under the most demanding conditions of professional use (such as when high spl level professional sound systems are in use). The AT-LP1240 turntable makes use of a powerful direct-drive 16-pole, three-phase motor for unwavering pitch perfect speed stability as well as ultra fast spin up times. The turntable features an S-shaped tone arm with adjustable tracking force and anti-skate adjustment (meaning it is compatible with a wide array of cartridges) and a REMOVABLE collar lock universal cartridge mount head shell. Please note that this turntable does not include a cartridge in the box - you will need to buy or fit one. We are happy to make suggestions on the correct cartridge for your needs.

Audio Technica ATLP1240 Direct Drive Turntable - SAVI Systems Perth

DJ-friendly features include forward/reverse, two stop/start buttons for portrait or landscape orientations, a damped cast-aluminum platter with stroboscopic speed markings and slip mat, an illuminated speed indicator, adjustable +/-10% and 20% pitch control , a removable stylus target light, a dedicated tone arm grounding lug and a hydraulically-damped lift lever.

When it comes to connectivity - the AT-LP1240 is killer. It offers a switchable high grade phono pre-amp to connect to a stereo or surround system that only has line level / AUX inputs (this can be bypassed at the flick of a switch if you wish to try out a different phono pre-amp). Like most Audio Technica turntables, it also features a USB output and software to install onto a PC or MAC computer so that you can digitise your records for listening to away from your record player.

SAVI Systems are Australian Authorised Audio Technica Dealers

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