Audio Technica AT-LP5 Direct Drive Hi-Fi Turntable with USB output

SAVI Systems present the Award Winning Audio Technica AT-LP5 Direct Drive Hi-Fi Turntable

Audio Technica is a Japanese company that has been making professional audio products since 1962. With the 'Vinyl Revival' steaming along Audio Technica have expanded their range of turntables and turntable cartridges and generally they represent some of the best quality, professional grade inspired equipment at down to earth prices. Their turntables represent fantastic value for money options from a company that has been in this part of the industry for over 50 years.

This new model turntable from Audio Technica is a recognition that the vinyl revival is in full swing, and that many people want a well built, robust Hi-Fi turntable that is also full of features to enhance enjoyment and make it as easy as possible to use. Audio Technica have really thrown down the gauntlet in the high quality / high value for money stakes with the introduction of the AT-LP5. Utilising the rock solid speed consistency and proven long term reliability of a direct drive motor Audio Technica then mounted this in a low resonance, weighted damped chassis coupled to a cast aluminium metal platter that is damped with a 5mm thick rubber mat. All of this is the kind of engineering principals adhered to by all serious turntable manufacturers - often at exorbitant prices. So now that speed consistency and resonance are taken care of - it's time to mention the arm / cartridge combination...

Audio Technica ATLP5 tonearm spinning record

Audio Technica made their name from the 60's to current day for not only their range of cartridges, but also low distortion J shaped tonearms, turntable accessories and of course... turntables. The J shaped tonearm on the AT-LP5 is based on a design of their's from the 70's (the golden era of vinyl playback) and helps minimise tracking errors across the record, making sure that your beloved vinyl doesn't suffer from the nasty inner groove distortion that many other turntables/tonearms suffer from... (Inner groove distortion is when the last track on the side of your album sounds distorted compared to the rest of the side and is, unfortunately, often prevalent on many turntables). Mounted on to the high quality J shaped arm is an exclusive high-performance AT95EX cartridge. This is an enhanced version of the AT95 and utilises Dual Moving Magnets to enhance dynamic range and detail. The cartridge is mounted on an Audio Technica Headshell and the whole lot is quick release via an SME collar making it super quick and easy to swap between different cartridges without having to go through the whole alignment rigmarol every time... change cartirdge, set tracking weight, set anti skate and go. 

When it comes to connectivity - the AT-LP5 is killer. It offers a switchable high grade phono pre-amp to connect to a stereo or surround system that only has line level / AUX inputs which can be bypassed at the flick of a switch if you wish to try out a different phono pre-amp. Like most Audio Technica turntables, it also features a USB output and software to install onto a PC or MAC computer so that you can digitise your records for listening to away from your record player.

With great attention paid to the complete analog signal path, subtle features such as the gold-plated  u-shaped connections of the HS10 headshell, the choice of using both the internal or an external phono pre-amplifier, and a stable high-rated internal mains power supply with enhanced grounding, the audio reproduction credentials of the LP5 are clear for all to see.  


Quote from Australian Hi-Fi Review :

"Beautifully built, the AT-LP5 screams ‘bargain’ from the rooftops, with its interchangeable headshells, no need to fuss around with belts and tuning suspensions, no need for an external phono stage or the requirement for an amp with a phono input, and no need for a USB converter in order to rip your record collection. Everything is all built-in already! The Audio-Technica AT-LP5 turntable represents ‘no-fuss’ fidelity at its finest."


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