BenQ W11000 Award Winning THX certified 4K Home Theatre Projector

SAVI Systems present the BenQ W11000 THX certified 4K DLP Cinema Projector

BenQ is proud to introduce the flagship W11000 4K UHD reference-grade THX certified home theatre projector, this exciting development from BenQ brings authentic cinematic performance to your own Home Theatre system delivered in full certified 4K UHD (with built in up-conversion from DVD and HD too). This projector is a game changer.

With over 8 million pixels at a certified 4K UHD resolution you'll be able to experience the most film-like cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. As this projector utilises DLP technology it tends to deliver a smoother, more film-like picture than a grid pixel based LCD solution. Another important point in regards to picture quality is colour accuracy and realistic contrast. BenQ's W11000 is the only HD THX-certified projector that can also display full 4K, Rec.709 colour accuracy and full 4:4:4 colour signal processing - this means you are watching movies at a resolution and colour accuracy as close as possible to what the director intended. Of course, if you want to move out of THX mode and have different settings for sport, brighter rooms etc. there is a multitude of settings that can be adjusted and saved to one of several presets that can be recalled from the remote control.

The BenQ W11000 has already picked up several industry awards including most recently "Best Projector" in the 2017 Smarthouse awards.

The BenQ W11000 also supports the use of 12V triggers, RS-232C, IR input and an Ethernet socket - this is for use with smart control systems.

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4K UHD with Razor-Sharp True 8.3 Million Pixel Detail
Distinct Clarity Without Artifacts from Panel Misalignment
THX Certification for Guaranteed Superb Cinematic Performance
Rec. 709 HDTV Standard for Finest Cinematic Color
Ultra High Contrast Performance

H/V Lens Shift & Big Zoom Lens for Installation Flexibility


Quote from TechAu Review : 
"What BenQ have delivered with the W11000 is a projector that’s capable of changing your home movie experience. This is genuinely the kind of device that ends your relationship with the cinema as you can build one in your house. The image quality delivered by this is fantastically addictive and substantially changes your expectations of how content should look. The THX certification and mode on the controller is a dead set simple confirmation that you’re seeing content the way it was intended, rather than requiring a calibrator to come to your house to tweak things."

SAVI Systems are one of Perth's Premium BenQ Dealers
BenQ W11000 Smarthouse Award  

Information and Reviews on BenQ W11000 4K THX Projector

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