Castle Knight 4 & Arcam A19

Knight 4

Using TPT (Twin-Pipe Technology), a the Knight 4 uses the same new generation of transmission-line as the Knight 3 which is vented through the speaker base - a system that provides a smooth and even bass response in a relatively small box with fewer drawbacks than a simple round port. The Knight 4 offers extended frequency response and outright volume capability. It is especially adept at handling louder dynamics for those preferring party volumes or intense home theatre.

Arcam A19

The amplifier's design and performance have been refined and tuned to an exquisite degree. This focus on sound quality has led to an intellegent power supply design that also enables the amplifier to offer a flexible upgrade path. The power section of the A19 is design to be able to supply two of Arcam's class-leading r-Series products in addition to its main duties. This allows the A19 to become a digital hub for a whole range of digital connection upgrades that includes both wireless Bluetooth® devices and USB sources.

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