Castle Knight 5 & Creek EVO50A

Knight 5

Detail and neutrality are of utmost importance when building a loudspeaker, and it is always a challenge to meet these goals on a tighter budget. However, we feel that the Knight 5 is a "game changer" in that it competes with speakers costing at least twice the price. More amazing to us is that they don't have any of the common foibles of floorstanders at this price. No tubby or boomy bass, no squawky or honky midrange, not ear-bleeding treble. It's just a natural, balanced and dynamic performance.

Creek EVO50A

This new amplifier forms part of the next generation EVOLUTION 50 range of products. Housed in a slim case with engraved front panel and solid
control knobs, it’s finished in either black or silver brushed aluminium. An ingenious new push button design has been developed for it, offering excellent tactile feel and backlit optical indication of usable functions for optimum user-friendliness.

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