Clare Controls Starter Pack

This pack provides you with the basics of Home Automation designed to start you off in the right direction.

Imagine at the press of a button your alarm disarms, your front door unlocks and the light in your entry automatically turns on.  You then enter your house easily and safely.  You can even have an SMS or Email sent to alert loved ones that your are home safe.

Then with another button press your alarm arms to “at home mode”, your front doors locks securely and you have full vision of the front of your house…all done through your phone or tablet.

If someone comes to your door and presses the doorbell, your camera will activate and you can see who is there safely and unlock or lock the door remotely.

All simply done, making your life simpler and safer with Clare.


  The Starter Pack includes :
  1 x Clare Controls Controller Pack

  1 x Lighting Puck

  1 x Clare Controls Camera

  1 x Electronic Door strike

  1 x Doorbell kit

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