Definitive Technology A90 Dolby Atmos Add On Speaker Modules (1pr)

The biggest change to surround sound in the last 10 years is the addition of Dolby Atmos surround sound. Dolby Atmos (and DTS:X) represent a true 3D object based audio system that adds the missing dimension of Height over conventional 5.x or 7.x systems. 

What this means is sound can appear to come from on top of you as well as around you - so whether it is the sound of rain pouring down in a forest or the sound of the mother ship flying overhead, it actually has sound beam down from your ceiling to your ears. Nearly all modern Hollywood movies are now mixed in Dolby Atmos (and a growing number in DTS:X) to take advantage of the superior surround sound experience and flexibility that it affords the surround sound engineers. If you own a 2017 model of Definitive Technology BP series tower speaker, you too can enjoy the latest and best surround sound technology by using this add on module. All you need to do to the current range of BP series towers is simply remove the top metal plate (no tools required) and clip the Atmos A90 height module in place instead - a quick, neat and easy solution. You then simply run both front main and Dolby Atmos height speaker cables from your Atmos compatible receiver direct to each tower and you have a well balanced and neat solution to upgrade to full Dolby Atmos.
SAVI Systems Perth - Definitive Technology A90 Dolby Atmos add on module for BP series speakers


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