Definitive Technology BP9020 High Performance Tower Speaker with Integrated Active 8" Subwoofers (Pair)

Definitive Technology are an American speaker company founded in the 1990's. They rose to fame for their unique approach to building a speaker designed to integrate into the modern household whilst also being able to handle both music and movies equally well. They developed what they called the 'Bi-Polar Super Tower'.

Bi-Polar speakers broadly defined means that they have key drivers positioned not only on the front of the speaker, but also on the rear. They play at different volumes and it means that the speaker radiates sound in two directions. With a well designed Bi Polar speaker it is possible to a achieve a more thrilling, room filling sound with a wider sweet spot and  a sense of the 'wall of sound' rather than a speaker stuck alone in each corner. Over the years this design has been refined and finetuned to work better than ever in a normal location reasonably close to a wall... it is now called a Forward Focused Bipolar Array.
Most of us have a reasonable understanding that most modern music and movies have extreme bass, bass at a level and frequency that many speakers are unable to reproduce cleanly without the help of a sub woofer. With this in mind, the BP series of front tower speakers all have integrated side mounted active sub woofers. This is to ensure deep and explosive bass that doesn't distort or drown out the mids without needing a separate sub woofer in it's big ugly square box to achieve the room filling bass that we all expect, appreciate and love.


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The BP9020 speaker is an incredible amount of speaker for the price. It shares much of the technology from the larger top of the range speakers in the BP series. The BP9020 towers feature Aluminium Dome Tweeters that reach a frequency much higher than many other speaker designs - this maintains an authentic reproduction of HiRes studio master recordings where there is information recorded well beyond 20khz, indeed the clarity of the tweeter reaches up to around 40khz. What does this mean when you listen to the latest movie sound tracks or your favourite music? It means a new clarity with low distortion and a sense of being there. Each tower speaker has an internally mounted 8" sub woofer powered by a dedicated 150W amplifier... so effectively you have TWO 150W 8" subs with each pair of BP9020's - that's 300W from dual 8" in total. So from the deepest shaking bass sounds to the high frequency details that Hi Resolution affords us, the Definitive Technology BP9020 is designed to handle and reproduce it all yet retains an elegant, room friendly slim profile.


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