Definitive Technology CS9040HD High Performance Centre Speaker with Integrated 8" Bass Radiator

Did you know that the centre channel speaker is the speaker that produces most of the sound in a surround sound movie?  Everything you see on screen - people talking, guns firing, guys fighting, planes landing etc all go to the centre speaker. This is why it is important to get both a good sounding centre speaker that is clear and natural on dialogue as well as one that matches the tone and scale of your front speakers. 

Definitive Technology are an American speaker company founded in the 1990's. They rose to fame for their unique approach to building a speaker designed to integrate into the modern household whilst also being able to handle both music and movies equally well. The CS9040HD Centre speaker is designed to compliment Definitive Technologies own BP series of BiPolar Tower speakers and has a striking black cloth and machined, aircraft-grade aluminum construction finish. This look matches the majority of screens either for Home Theatre projection systems, or the current trend of flat panel thin Smart televisions that have a sleek black and metal trim finish. SAVI Systems Perth - Definitive Technology CS9020HD Lifestyle Shot

Asides from the sleek, modern look, the Definitive Technology CS9040HD incorporates a powerful speaker array for a big, clear sound that keeps up with the rest of the Definitive Technology speakers. Something that makes this centre speaker a little different from most, is the fact that not only does it house (2x) 4.5" Mid range drivers and a 1" Aluminium dome tweeter - but also an upward firing 8" bass radiator. This combination of 4 drivers is designed to make sure that even in the midst of the biggest action scenes, this centre channel speaker isn't going to let you down when the going gets tough. Definitive Technology are well aware that most people put their centre speaker in or on an A/V furniture cabinet, and to this end the CS9040HD is housed in a totally inert, resonance free cabinet. The cabinet is made with maximum rigidity and strategically placed bracing to help reduce vibration from the speaker into the shelf/cabinet it is housed on... all this adds up to a clean, clear and powerful sound in your own Home Theater System.


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