Definitive Technology Symphony 1 Bluetooth / Noise Cancelling Headphones

Definitive Technology

SAVI Systems present the Definitive Technology Symphony 1 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Definitive Technology Symphony 1's encapsulate all that is important to the brand represented in a premium executive headphone. Firstly - they sound great, with a rich bass tone and a clear treble - like you are really there at the performance. They are also conveniently wireless (Bluetooth) and feature a noise cancel circuit.

The materials used throughout this headphone are premium quality with an aluminium headband and real leather ear pads making them comfortable to wear and lightweight to carry around. The Symphony 1's internally house a large 50 mm diameter driver delivering a big, effortless sound which is coupled to an active noise cancel circuit that is semi intelligent and automatically adjusts noise cancelling levels. This combination of features means that you will always have quality sound wherever you and the headphone will adapt to the noise around you practically drowning out constant noise whether you're in a train, bus, car, plane, office or even just walking down the street.

On the right ear cup, there are a number of controls — Power, Bluetooth, and ANC (for active noise cancellation), as well as Volume, Play/Pause, and Call Answer/End buttons (the latter of which also navigates tracks depending on how many times you press it). 

The connections for the USB charging cable, as well as a 3.5mm audio cable for wired listening, are located on the right earcup as well. Connecting a 3.5mm cable automatically breaks any Bluetooth connections, while disconnecting the cable automatically re-pairs the headphones with the most recent Bluetooth device (provided you were in Bluetooth mode when you connected the cable).

To listen to music through the Symphony 1 headphones is a true Hi-Fi experience and combined with comfort and convenience these headphones should be on your shortlist.

SAVI Systems Perth - Definitive Technology Symphony One Bluetooth Noise Cancelling HiFi Headphones

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