Electro Voice ETX-35P Three Way Powered Speaker

ETX-35P from Electro-Voice is a high power three way loudspeaker which can be used in a variety of portable and permanent applications.

The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) menus offer extensive configurations, crossovers, selective voicing, protection limiters, EQ modes, and a lockout mode prevents casual changes to the system. Loudspeaker system performance is optimized via an LCD screen. The front LED indicates power or can be configured to indicate limit.

ETX-35P features three (3) high sensitivity transducers, for high output sound which is optimized for precise coverage and low distortion. EV designed and manufactured transducers include SMX woofer technology using composite cone materials, flux stabilizing rings, and thermal management. This transducer yields lower distortion, smooth response and high SPL. The high-efficiency DH3-B compression driver has a convex diaphragm driving a coherent phase device extending frequency response to 20 kHz.

EV’s FIR-Drive technology utilized the latest FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter technology to optimize transducer linearity and advanced limiter algorithms for independent peak and thermal transducer protection. The enclosure is constructed out of 18mm, 13-ply birch plywood finished with EVCoat. ETX Powered Loudspeakers combine EV engineered intelligent DSP, high powered amplifiers and high efficiency transducers to deliver that legendary EV sound and performance.


• 2000 W amplifier and 136 dB peak SPL
• Single-knob DSP includes presets for multiple configurations and top+sub combinations
• Loudspeaker system performance monitoring via integrated LCD and front panel LED
• Features three high-sensitivity transducers, for high output sound which is optimized for precise coverage and low distortion
• Designed for floor, stacked, or a combo pole cup (insert and threaded) for portable or permanent installation
• Eight M10 threaded suspension points

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