Electro Voice PL24 Dynamic Microphone

The Electro-Voice® PL24S is a professional grade supercardioid dynamic microphone designed to capture the character of both voice and instrument in live sound applications. With its balanced frequency response, the PL24’s sonic performance is robust and articulate, and delivers all around vocal clarity in any live sound situation.

Proximity effect can be used to your advantage when a thin voice is being recorded. As the vocalist decreases their working distance to the microphone, the low frequency content is enhanced. Closeup positioning of the microphone will also reduce the potential for feedback from the sound reinforcement system. When close-talked, the bass-boost provides an increase in overall microphone output level. The mixer gain may be proportionately reduced, resulting in a reduction of the system’s sensitivity to feedback caused by the sound entering the microphone from the loudspeakers.


  • Balanced frequency response
  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Powerful Neodymium magnet structure
  • Shock mounted capsule and low handling noise
  • Fast transient response
  • Fine mesh Memraflex™ grille

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