Fitness Audio Wireless UHF 16 Channel System With Rack Mount Kit


Fitness Audio 16 channel diversity UHF receiver, 1/2 rack width, 630-650MHz.

For use with all Fitness Audio Headsets including Aeromic, Cyclemic, E*Mic, and FM-41. 

• 16 channel frequency agile UHF system (2 x 8ch groups)

• Receiver Scan adjustment for available frequencies 


Fitness Audio 16 channel UHF Transmitter. 

The electronics inside are protected with a coating of corrosion-resistent lacquer for extra sweat protection. 

If your Aerobics Room has a busy schedule with a block of 4 hour long classes on every evening then you can invest in a second Aeromic and Body Pack and alternate them so that they can "dry out" between uses. 

16 switchable channels with more than 8 compatible for multi room or channel systems. 

Tx in 630-650Mhz.

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