Flexson VinylPlay Turntable & K1 Cartridge Upgrade

SAVI Systems present the Flexson VinylPlay K1 Upgraded Turntable - Spin... Play... Archive... Stream 

With the vinyl revival in full swing, it seems that there are boundless options for turntables. Flexson have to be congratulated for their ability to offer a proper Hi-Fi grade turntable option that is simple to set up, looks the part and more importantly sounds great and won't ruin your records. Realising that many people don't have phono inputs on their amplifiers - or even amplifiers at all - Flexson have wisely built in a phono pre-amp. This means that the VinylPlay K1 can connect to any spare analogue RCA or AUX input rather than the special 'phono' input that is the norm..

One of the most daunting things about buying a new turntable is the initial set up, with this in mind, the VinylPlay K1 comes with the arm and upgraded Garrott K1 cartridge calibrated and set up straight from the factory. All that needs to be done is to put the platter on, screw the counterweight to the marked position on the arm and your'e pretty much up and running within a few minutes - no alignment gauges or protractors required.
The VinylPlay K1 is actually built by the legendary UK manufacturer - Rega.
In the VinylPlay K1 turntable package, not only do Flexson include the turntable, the dust cover, arm and an upgraded Garrott K1 MM cartridge (normally $200). The VinylPlay K1 also has a high grade USB converter to take full advantage of the upgraded K1 cartridge. This is so that you can attach the VinylPlay K1 to your computer and do digital copies of your vinyl collection. This gives the convenience of listening to your records in the car and on the go.

The VinylPlay K1 is a wonderful plug-and-play vinyl solution at a great price. Sure, there are cheaper decks with auto-return and suchlike, but this Flexson is a proper slice of hi-fi, and sounds much better for it. The sound quality is very good for the price – extremely musical, with great timing and a decent level of detail.

SAVI Systems are Australian Authorised Flexson Dealers

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