KEF Blade Floorstanding Speakers with Parasound JC2 Pre amp and 2 x JC1 Mono Block Amps


Blade and Blade Two share a new architecture that achieves the ideal point source, with the four sophisticated bass drivers (225mm/9-in. for Blade, 165mm/6.5-in. for Blade Two) configured so that their combined acoustic centre occupies exactly the same point in space as that of the Uni-Q HF/MF array so the sound appears to emanate from a single, flawlessly coherent source.

Sculptural and acoustically inert, the slender parabolic enclosures are engineered never to interfere with the purity of the output. Inside, you find ingenious new venting, bracing and wave management technologies. Every component operates so comfortably within its performance envelope that you experience noticeably more precise imaging than is possible with conventional speakers.

JC2 Pre Amplifier

The JC 2 BP is identical to the original JC 2 stereo preamplifier, with the addition of a home theater Bypass function. The new Bypass function enables your surround system’s left and right front speakers and their power amplifier to do double duty as the left and right channels of an analog stereo system. Simply connect the JC 2 BP between your surround processor or receiver’s left and right channel line level output jacks and the input jacks on the power amplifier which drives your left and right front speakers. Your stereo analog sources will connect to the JC 2 BP so you can listen to your favorite music without compromises to analog purity that are inevitable when digital processing circuitry is in the same chassis.

JC1 Mono Block Amplifier

One look at the massively imposing Parasound JC 1 monoblock power amplifier tells you that this is a no-nonsense, high-performance piece of equipment. Its large footprint and uncompromising sound admittedly aren't for everyone. But not everyone demands the pristine sonics and bulletproof reliability that an amplifier of this caliber delivers. The JC 1 won "Recommended Component" status for 2013 from Stereophile. "The Halo JC 1 is not only the best amplifier to come from Parasound," reports Jon Atkinson, "it ranks up there with the best high-end heavyweights."

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