KEF Ci3160RL-THX ULTRA2 certified in-wall UniQ Speaker (priced each)

KEF has been at the forefront of developing and making speakers since the 1960's and over that period there have been a lot of changes both in technology available and our expectations of how this technology integrates into our lifestyle. We have had home sound systems move historically from a D.I.Y build your own specialist hobby and into the mainstream. We have also experienced the growth of surround sound at home from 4 speaker quadraphonic sound in the 70's to the latest 11 channel object based Dolby Atmos or DTS:X  high resolution home theatre digital surround sound formats. 

KEF has historically been there over the years with solutions for all these changes, however, a new challenge arises when the importance of the aesthetics has to be taken into account.

Most people still want high quality sound, but they don't want all the large boxes in the room that are required to make this happen (especially when that can be up to 11 speakers in the room of a modern high end home theatre system).
One of the solutions to make things look neat is to try and shrink the size of the speakers down to be incredibly small - however the compromises made to the sound quality are quite apparent. Another solution that KEF has invested plenty of R&D into, is in-wall or in-ceiling flush mount speakers. These are speakers that can go in the ceiling or in the walls so as to not take up any space in the room - KEF calls this solution their Ci Series.

SAVI Systems Perth - KEF Ci series in wall speakers

For the ultimate in custom installed home theatre systems KEF have developed their 'R' series in-wall and in-ceiling solutions. The Ci R series consists of an 8" in-ceiling speaker that can be combined with a choice of two in-wall models. All of these extreme Ci R series home theatre speakers have the award winning and astonishing sound of the classic floor standing KEF R series speakers.
To ensure that these speakers really do perform at a practically unheard of quality for in-walls the Ci3160RL-THX is certified to the THX ULTRA2 standard.

What does THX ULTRA2 mean?

A deep understanding of the film making process and surround sound is at the very heart of every THX certified 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speaker system. Engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers such as those used in the big movie studios, THX recreates the tonal balance of the filmmaker's final mix in your living room. The results? Action sequences are huge and punch hard without distorting, and dialogue-driven moments sound clear, natural and engaging. The KEF Ci R series of THX certified in-wall speakers deliver the appropriate frequency response and high output and imaging quality of a traditional box speaker. This provides the best of both worlds - THX surround sound performance from components that blend harmoniously with any room decor.

The Process of THX Product Certification

The THX testing process usually begins early in product development. Manufacturers ship samples to the THX Testing Lab in Northern California where a team of expert technicians carefully analyzes each sample and produces reports on their findings. Big reports! They cover hundreds of data points and virtually every aspect of the product's operational performance. These findings are then sent to the manufacturer with suggestions for fixing any problems that could prevent certification. In many cases, THX requires the manufacturer to adjust the product's design or firmware and integrate THX playback features to improve performance and meet the THX spec. Further testing, modifications, tweaks and upgrades are done, and the manufacturer sends back the product for final evaluation. With all of this testing from THX, the consumer is assured that the speaker system they are purchasing meets the highest standards for quality and compatibility right out of the box.

SAVI Systems Perth - KEF Ci THX in-wall Lifestyle Shot

The KEF in-wall Ci R THX series speakers allow for world class sound as well as world class looks.

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