KEF R300 Bookshelf System with Arcam A29 Integrated Amp


The award-winning three-way R300 bookshelf speaker model features KEF's patented 5in.Uni-Q driver array and a 6.5in. LF bass to deliver fast and clean mid-range response, along with accurate and clean low-end frequencies. With dynamic, uncompressed and undistorted LF performance, the R300 provides a clarity and realism many strive to emulate but few achieve.

A29 Integrated Amplifier

The Arcam A29 it is one of the most recent Arcam integrated stereo Hi-Fi amplifier releases and features 80W of Class G amplification. Class G provides a more powerful delivery of sound to your speakers irrespective of their impedance. The A29 is modern and sleek in design and offers a musically satisfying experience into nearly all speaker loads. Featuring 8 analogue inputs (including MM Phono stage) there is no shortage of source choices... there's even a high quality headphone output for personal listening sessions!  On the back there is a dedicated high quality accessory power output jack so the A29 can be expanded further to become a digital hub with optional Arcam add-ons such as a the award winning Arcam irDAC-II.

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