KEF R500 Floorstanding speakers with Arcam A39 Integrated Amp


There are three floorstanding speakers in the Kef Q series range. The Q500 uni-Q speakers are a great example of a slim, elegant tower design that looks as good as it sounds. The multi award winning design utilises an array of four 5.25" Kef drivers which helps the slim design deliver deep bass. The Q500 speakers are designed for a small to medium sized room - whether it is as front speakers in a home theatre/cinema or as a pair of main speakers for Hi-Fi music listening, the Kef Q500 will fill your room with a clear, warm, flowing and spacious sound for both movies and music..

A39 Integrated Amplifier

The A39 is one of the newest Arcam integrated stereo Hi-Fi amplifiers and features 120W per channel into 8ohm (240W into 4ohm) of Class G amplification. With the Arcam A39 the first 20W of power is delivered in pure class A. Class A amplification is widely considered the best for an ultra low distortion signal that is pleasingly accurate, dynamic, detailed, warm and musical.  Class G provides a more powerful delivery of sound to your speakers irrespective of their impedance.

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