KEF R700 Floorstanding speakers with Arcam A39 Integrated Amp

SAVI Systems

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The KEF R700 exudes sophistication, not only in its contemporary design and use of high quality real wood and piano high gloss finishes, but in its class-leading sonic reproduction. The R700 features a specifically-designed 5in. Uni-Q driver flanked by two 6.5in. aluminium bass drivers to deliver fast but controlled & authoritative low end.

 A39 Integrated Amplifier

The A39 is one of the newest Arcam integrated stereo Hi-Fi amplifiers and features 120W per channel into 8ohm (240W into 4ohm) of Class G amplification. With the Arcam A39 the first 20W of power is delivered in pure class A. Class A amplification is widely considered the best for an ultra low distortion signal that is pleasingly accurate, dynamic, detailed, warm and musical.  Class G provides a more powerful delivery of sound to your speakers irrespective of their impedance.

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