KEF Reference 4c Centre Channel Speaker

SAVI Systems presents the KEF Reference 4c Centre Speaker

Did you know that the centre channel speaker is the speaker that produces most of the sound in a surround sound movie?  Everything you see on screen - people talking, guns firing, guys fighting, planes landing etc all go to the centre speaker. This is why it is important to get both a good sounding centre speaker that is clear and natural on dialogue as well as one that matches the tone and scale of your front speakers. 

The KEF Reference 4c centre channel is a 3 way bass reflex centre speaker with 4 6.5" bass drivers that work seamlessly with the 5" UniQ driver array to deliver a sound that is both driver and tonally matched for  the Reference 5 speaker. The result is a sound performance that has astonishingly low distortion and consequently remains super clear on dialogue, yet also dynamic with detail, precision and effortless timing. The Reference 4c excels with the most dramatic and thunderous of sound tracks or music scores and is designed with up to 400W amplifiers in mind. So ranging from whispers or subtle atmospheres to heart-pounding, gut wrenching, alien blasting action - the KEF Reference 4c delivers a clarity and 'in your room' feeling like you’ve never experienced!

The perfect reproduction of recorded sound is what KEF's legendary Reference Series has always stood for. And after 40 years of continuous development, the Reference has earned its name as the yardstick of high-end acoustic engineering. If you're a perfectionist when it comes to enjoying movies or music, then KEF Reference will take you to where you want to go.

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KEF Reference 4c  Centre Speaker 

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