KEF Reference 5 Floorstanding Speakers with with Arcam C49 Pre Amp and 2 x Arcam P49 Amps

Reference 5

Same DNA, more modest dimensions – and the same uncanny ability to generate an intricate, totally natural-sounding 3D soundstage. The two 165mm (6.5 inch) bass drivers are positioned perfectly above and below KEF’s latest 125mm (5 inch) MF/HF Uni-Q driver array in a D'Appolito configuration. Fidelity across the midrange and treble is outstanding, and the transitions imperceptible. And with Uni-Q’s broad inclusive dispersion, everyone in the room can enjoy the same rich, spatially precise acoustic imagery without being restricted to a narrow sweet spot. As well as putting you right at the heart of the original performance, it gives you the soul.

C49 Pre Amplifier

There have been great strides made in improving audio sources and loudspeakers in recent years with the advent of Hi-Res downloads and the resurgence of vinyl ... the time is right to match this in the field of amplifier / pre-amplifier design. This ground breaking pre-amplifier is a must audition product for music lovers. The C49 features dual mono volume controls and a balanced signal path all the way though the product as well as distortion nulling input multiplexers. Rest assured you will be hearing the music just as the artist intended.

P49 Amplifier

The Arcam P49 2 channel Power Amplifier has an impressive 200W (RMS 8 ohm) / 400W (RMS 4ohm) of Arcam's new class G power.  This enables the P49 to drive nearly any speaker, in any situation... home theatre or pure Hi-Fi 2 channel stereo. Featuring a huge toroidal power supply and the first 50 W of power in pure class A, the P49 produces astonishingly low levels of distortion at normal listening levels. In the case of the P49 - "with great power comes great finesse" - as you get not only a lot of power, but a beautiful, full, warm detailed Hi-Fi sound rivalling other amplifier designs that cost far more. The Arcam P49 is flexible in set up and can run A (and/or) B speakers as it is - plus if you want to combine a second P49 and bridge them to mono you will get over 700 W (RMS 8 ohm) of pure Hi-Fi power! In fact, the P49 ha sbeen designed with system building flexibility in mind and can be configured as a traditional stereo power amp, bridged mode or dual mono mode allowing for the "ultimate" system of an Arcam C49 pre-amp with six bridged P49's tri-amping the main speakers.

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