KEF Reference 8b 1000w Reference Grade dual 9" Subwoofer

SAVI Systems presents the KEF Reference 8b Award Winning Subwoofer

The KEF Reference 8b is the Reference grade award winning compact sub-woofer from KEF. The Reference 8b  sounds equally impressive whether used in a home cinema system or a high end audiophile 2 channel Hi-Fi sound system. KEF have ensured that the Reference subwoofer continues with the modern, polished external styling of the rest of the Reference series speaker range.  KEF also understand that nowadays the look of a product in your room can be as important as the sound. The Reference 8b is incredibly compact so it fits into your room in a classy, elegant way - measuring a room friendly 398x365x429 mm it is easy to fit into any home theatre or 2 channel Hi-Fi system without being a huge, ugly black box that dominates the room.

Internally the Reference 8b consists of a reinforced  and solidly braced cabinet that houses two active opposed custom KEF 9” drivers. This set up is done so that both driver outputs cancel each other inside the cabinet thus minimizing vibration and consequently the muddy sound that uncontrolled vibration brings. Each of the custom KEF drivers are powered by a 500W internal digital amplifier - making for a total of 1000W of power amplification with a built in DSP based control section to ensure low distortion and clean, accurate, fast bass across all practical volume ranges.

On the rear of the Reference 8b sub there is not only your usual gain/volume and frequency click detent dials, but also variable crossover slopes (12dB/oct, 18dB/oct, 24dB/oct) - this helps to ensure that you can tune the subwoofer into your room and speakers to make sure that you not only hear, but actually feel the lowest of low notes. This is, of course, the whole point of putting a subwoofer into your system.

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