Dali Kubik One Powered Soundbar

SAVI Systems present the Award Winning Dali Kubik One Powered Soundbar

Soundbars are relatively new to the scene in the world of Audio Visual goodies. They are a solution to a problem that up until 10 years ago we never had, and that is to do with TV technology. As TV's and Smart TV's have progressively become slimmer with thinner bezels around the screen there quite simply is no space to put in decent speakers. So ultimately as we have these thin, sleek TV's mounted on the wall, the sound is thin, shrill, unexciting and in fact no better than a clock radio that goes kind of loud.... enter the Soundbar.
Put quite simply, the soundbar is giving back the sound we lost due to thin TV's. Some soundbars try to recreate surround but inevitably fail as one speaker lined up along the front under your TV is never going to deliver anything like the sound of 5 or more speakers spread around the room to envelop you with proper surround sound. By trying to cram in extra speakers they need to be shrunk down so you end up with a soundbar that goes loud but with no clarity, no sense of separation of sound, just a loud screechy mangled mess of loud unclear sound.

Enter the Dali Kubik One - the Multi Award Winning Dali Soundbar.

Dali engineers made a conscious decision to make a soundbar that is :
"A flexible all-in-one sound system designed with a passion for true hi-fi reproduction. Being a complete audio system, the KUBIK ONE easily slips into a range of user scenarios and with Bluetooth wireless capability anyone can join in from their phone, tablet or PC."

Dali Kubik One Award Winning Soundbar | SAVI Systems Perth

The Dali Kubik One Soundbar is considered as a modern on wall single unit Hi-Fi system by Dali. It uses (2x) Dali Hi-Fi grade 5.25" woofers with a Hi-Fi grade Dali 25mm Soft Dome Tweeter powered by low distortion digital amplifiers and features Optical, Analogue and Bluetooth inputs to attach devices.
Although the Dali Kubik One has a great balnced sound, it also has the ability to add a subwoofer later on if required. this would be if you really want the kind of bass that shakes the room - especially for big budget Hollywood movies or loud party music. As the Dali Kubik One already goes down to 50Hz in the bass region many people will find that the Kubik One has a full sound on its own and sounds especially good for music and television without necessarily needing a subwoofer.

KUBIK ONE is clearly a true DALI speaker at its core, equipped with well-known speaker technologies; soft dome tweeters, wood fibre cones, low-loss rubber surrounds, glass reinforced polymer basket and a fully digital 4-channel stereo Class D amplifier.
Dali is well known for its quality loudspeakers and the Kubik One soundbar fits perfectly in among such prestige. It's an extremely well built, eye-catching soundbar with perfectly balanced audio - whether you're using it for TV audio enhancement or listening to music.

SAVI Systems are one of Perth's Premium Authorised Dali Speaker Dealers

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