Control4 Leaf 20x20 HDBaseT Video Matrix Switch with Ethernet

The first of its kind to feature 16 HDBaseT RJ45-type and 16 Ethernet RJ45-type ports, 16 RCA S/PDIF (digital coax) audio input sockets, 16 pairs of RCA line level stereo output sockets, 16 RJ45-type RS232 serial data ports, 16 3.5mm Tip Ring Sleeve sockets for connection of IR devices and 20 HDMI input or source ports. Four, back-panel HDMI outputs for in-rack or in-room video and audio connectivity. This matrix is designed to accept HDMI AV sources at its inputs and route them to remotely located Leaf LTB1E HDMI breakouts. Sixteen HDBaseT LTB1E remote breakout units can receive audio from up to 52 potential sources (32 audio, 20 HDMI), plus control data, up to 100m away.

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