Marantz Professional MPH-2 Over-Ear Monitoring Headphones

SAVI Systems present the Marantz Professional MPH2 Headphones

The Marantz Professional division has been part of the professional arena of audio recording for well over 30 years. Marantz Professional has built a reputation for rock solid, high quality products at a very fair price. Here we have the MPH2 Over-Ear monitoring headphones that are designed to give you studio-level performance and accurate sonic imaging. They have plush over ear noise isolating cushions that are super comfortable for hours on end and have been designed to run off a regular headphone output. These high definition headphones have been designed to bridge the gap between studio monitor engineering and personal audio. The large 50mm bass drivers have been designed to deliver an especially robust, deep bass response enabling producers to adjust the deepest bass response accurately and for the casual listener to experience the subsonic like foundation to everything you listen to. 

The MPH2 Headphones are developed for musicians, music lovers, producers and engineers who require fatigue free listening and maximum comfort during long recording, mixing and listening sessions. Being a closed design they keep the majority of music inside the headphone so as to provide minimum sound leakage for studio or personal use. The Marantz MPH2 headphones feature a twist lock detachable 3m long cable, swivel ear cup and a robust collapsible design making them equally suited to home, studio or portable use.

SAVI Systems Perth - Marantz Professional MPH2 Headphones

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