Prismasonic Cinomorph P-100R

Cinomorph lens by Prismasonic brings a real cinematic atmosphere in your own home theater the way the director intended.

The operation of this remote controlled lens is straightforward. The other button of remote controller expands the image to fill the 2.40:1 screen, while the other returns it back to 1.78:1. There are adjustable terminal stops for both prisms and both modes, so the initial setup can easily be operated to match the different screens and projectors perfectly.

The motors are very silent, and it lasts around two seconds for prisms to go from 'pass' to 'wide' position. This speed also enables to stop the prisms accurately to the intermediate positions, such as 1.85:1 or 2.0:1. The remote controller has two powerful IR leds, which can effortless control the lens even at the very largest theater rooms from the seat, via screen, back to lens unit. The IR commands can also be transferred to the universal remote controller.

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