Parasound Halo A31 THX Ultra2 Certified 3 Channel Power Amplifier

SAVI Systems present the Award Winning Parasound A31 Halo (250w x3) THX Ultra2 Power Amplifier

The Parasound HALO series of components consists of Premium engineered electronics designed to perform at a level that both the Hi-Fi aficionado, the Home Cinema enthusiast and the Professional Audio Engineer can all be pleased with - and all at a price point that maintains a shockingly good price to performance ratio.

In the case of the A31 amplifier (having been designed by audio engineer and electronics/engineering guru - John Curl ) -  you can be assured of a rock solid, high current, high powered, great sounding, neutral and reliable amplifier. The A31 amplifier is renowned for delivering a sound and technical performance way beyond its price point - indeed that rarity of a brand being used and praised both by Hi-Fi reviewers as well as professional studios such as : Lucasfilm, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Skywalker sound, and even by Kanye West!  

The Parasound Halo A31 is a three channel power amplifier designed to use in a multi speaker system, it is a class A/B amplifier designed to run nearly any speaker due to it's huge power output (3x400w rms into 4 ohm), oversized power supply (1,5kVa), high current output (60 amperes/channel) as well as also passing stringent THX Ultra2 certification. What does all of this technology mean? In essence, you can use the Parasound A31 amplifier in a variety of situations/purposes... from upping the power and drama for your front three speakers in a Home Cinema Surround Sound set up, or for the front three channels in a pure Hi-Fi multi-channel Hi-Res setup. The A31 will bring a sense of musical enjoyment with a clean, wide bandwidth design coupled to awesome sound staging and vice like grip of your speakers. The A31 delivers a pure, punchy, authoritative sound with plenty of power to suit all types of speakers including difficult to drive panels or low impedance loads.

SAVI Systems Perth - PARASOUND A31 THX Ultra2 three channel power amplifier

The Parasound Halo A31 amplifier has both regular RCA input jacks as well as 3 pin XLR inputs guaranteeing compatibility with both consumer and professional grade equipment. The A31 Halo series amplifier thoughtfully includes independent rotary input gain controls for matching input and output levels to whatever equipment is connected to it. The A31 is built like a tank, choc full of real speaker driving power and an award winning sound that is delivered with authority, finesse and natural detail.


SAVI Systems - PARASOUND A31` THX Ultra2 stereo three channel power amplifier rear view


 Quote from Soundstage Access :

 "The Halo A 31 has a clear, detailed sound that belies its price, combined with just a touch of warmth. This blend of qualities made it a joy to listen to. Add to that its prodigious power output and rock-solid build quality, and I can assure you: It's the real deal."


Quote from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity :

"The Halo A 31 is a wonderful amplifier. By staying out of the way and letting me enjoy the music, the A 31 made this review a challenge to find new ways to say that it sounded wonderful. The Halo A 31 is able to drive any speaker you are going to throw at it and not complain, as well as impeccably built and beautiful in appearance."


Quote from Stereophile :

"Remarkable definition…clean, luminous sound. Firm and extended bass. Running full range and full bore, I never lacked for power and weight."


Quote from Home Theatre Review :

"Dynamics ran the gamut from wow to I think I may have messed myself, depending upon the scene and my choice of overall volume. Regardless, the A31 never wavered nor seemed to run out of juice. The entire performance was one of terrific balance and sheer effortlessness."


Quote from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity :

"The A 31is a superb amplifier during my time with it. Impeccable in fit and finish, meeting all its specifications on our bench tests, and handling all the material I threw at it with no issue. The A 31 is powerful but refined, presenting a large, detailed soundstage and bringing out all the details in the recordings that I listened to. Movies that used the fronts and center had no issues pushing the speakers to reference level without losing control or leaving the bass muddled and slow."


SAVI Systems are one of Perth's Premium PARASOUND dealers


PARASOUND HALO A31 THX Ultra2 Certified 3 Channel Power Amplifier Information and Reviews


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