Parasound Halo A51 THX Ultra2 Certified 5 Channel Power Amplifier

The Parasound HALO series of components consists of Premium engineered electronics designed to perform at a level that both the Hi-Fi aficionado, the Home Cinema enthusiast and the Professional Audio Engineer can all be pleased with - and all at a price point that maintains a shockingly good price to performance ratio.

In the case of the A51 amplifier (having been designed by audio engineer and electronics/engineering guru - John Curl ) -  you can be assured of a rock solid, high current, high powered, great sounding, neutral and reliable amplifier.

The A51 is a 5 channel amplifier designed to up the quality and power of a multi channel speaker system. The Halo A51 amplifier is renowned for delivering a sound and technical performance way beyond its price point - indeed that rarity of a brand being used and praised both by Hi-Fi reviewers as well as professional studios such as : Lucasfilm, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Skywalker sound, and even by Kanye West!  

The Parasound Halo A51 is a five channel power amplifier designed to use in any multi speaker system - weather it be Hi-Res multi-channel music, 4k THX surround sound cinema, Dolby Atmos or regular 5.1. The Parasound Halo A51 is a class A/B amplifier designed to run nearly any speaker due to it's huge power output (5x400w rms into 4 ohm), oversized power supply (2.2kVa), high current output (60 amperes/channel) as well as also passing stringent THX Ultra2 certification. What does all of this technology mean? In essence, you can use the Parasound Halo A51 amplifier in a variety of situations/purposes... from upping the power and drama for your all your speakers in a 5.1 Home Cinema Surround Sound set up, or for timbre and power matched amplification for all five channels in a pure Hi-Fi multi-channel Hi-Res setup. The A51 will bring a sense of musical enjoyment with a clean, wide bandwidth design coupled to awesome sound staging and vice like grip of your speakers. The A51 delivers a pure, punchy, authoritative sound with plenty of power to suit all types of speakers including difficult to drive panels or low impedance loads. This Parasound Halo 5 channel amplifier is considered one of the benchmarks in the industry for improving the power, sound and control of a multi-channel speaker set-up.

SAVI Systems Perth - PARASOUND Halo A51 THX Ultra2 five channel power amplifier


The Parasound Halo A51 amplifier has both regular RCA input jacks as well as 3 pin XLR inputs guaranteeing compatibility with both consumer and professional grade equipment. The A51 is built like a tank (37kg) and is choc full of real speaker driving power as well as an award winning sound that is delivered with authority, finesse and natural detail.

SAVI Systems Perth - PARASOUND Halo A51 THX Ultra2 five channel stereo power amplifier


Quote from Audioholics Review :

 "The Parasound A 51 is more than capable of driving any speaker load in even the most demanding home theater systems.....The linearity of this amplifier is excellent at any power level it is operating in, and its freedom from audible noise and distortion makes it a true winner!.... The Parasound Halo A 21 and A 51 are top rate amplifiers at a great value. Parasound seems to have attended to every aspect of their design including the excellent build quality internally and externally matched with great looks. Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars"


Quote from Home Cinema Choice :

"I’d rate the A 51 as one of the most transparent power amplifiers in its class. It has genuine power and authority, and delivers the kind of visceral kick that makes action films swing along with panache. Five Stars."


Quote from Stereophile Guide to Home Theater :

"AAA Recommended Component - I expected the A 51 to sound good. What I wasn't prepared for was how good it sounded right out of the box. Its midrange was totally seductive, its soundstaging and imaging abilities in the same league as some of the best gear I've ever heard at any price."


Quote from T3 (UK) :

"The A 51 has so much grunt, grip and grace, you have to restrain yourself from cranking up the volume until the walls start to ripple Matrix style.... T3 Five Star Gold Award."


 Quote from Widescreen Review :

"I have to say that the Parasound A 51 multichannel amplifier delivered impressively clean, effortless, detailed sound." "The Parasound Halo A 51 multichannel amplifier, with its top-notch performance for movies and music, deserves a very strong recommendation for anyone serious about quality home theatre and surround music sound."


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