Parasound Halo JC 2 BP Preamplifier with Home Theatre Bypass

SAVI Systems presents the Award Winning Parasound Halo JC2 BP Audiophile Pre-Amplifier with Bypass

The Parasound HALO series of components consists of Premium engineered electronics designed to perform at a level that both the Hi-Fi aficionado, the Home Cinema enthusiast and the Professional Audio Engineer can all be pleased with - and all at a price point that maintains a shockingly good price to performance ratio.

When people discover the upper end of Hi-Fi music reproduction, it invariably leads to more and more specialised boxes of electronics to do each specific job along the audio chain rather than a single box, all in one integrated solution. For instance, most high end music systems end up separating the power amplifiers from the pre-amplifier. This is generally done to optimise circuit performance and lower noise levels as it can be important to isolate the low voltages sent through the pre-amp from the high voltages in the power amps. In the case of the top of the line Parasound Halo series, the CTC builders/John Curl designed Halo JC2 pre-amp is the jewel in the Halo crown.

The Parasound Halo JC2 BP has a total of 6 analogue two channel inputs, of which two of them can accept balanced XLR connections.

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