Parasound Zamp Quattro 4 Channel Amplifier Ex-Demo

The Zamp Quattro is an ultra-compact class D amplifier that produces an impressive 50 watts x 4 (8Ω) and 90 watts x 4 (4Ω) with all channels driven. Class D amplifiers made for custom installation typically use inexpensive car audio amp chips - and they sound like it. The Zamp Quattro uses a class AB input stage to drive advanced Class D modules which use high-grade parts throughout. The result is sound quality that surpasses many full-size power amps. The Zamp Quattro’s numerous advantages include higher power output with less heat, unconditional stability with low impedance speaker loads and effective protection from accidentally short-circuited speaker wires.

The Zamp Quattro can expand any audio system because we’ve included speaker level inputs to integrate stereo receivers that don’t have preamp outputs. An input bus switch makes it easy for Zone 1 and Zone 2 to play the same source. Level controls for each channel make volume setup easy and are rearmounted to prevent client tampering. The speaker terminals accept up to 12AWG wire and are removable to make installation easier. Automatic turn on options include a 12-volt input and an audio trigger with two sensitivity settings. The Parasound Zamp Quattro is finished in anodized black with rack-mount capability. Optional accessories include a matching blank panel to rack mount a single unit in a standard rack and a panel coupler to rack mount any two Z Custom models. The half-rack width Zrack is also available to mount up to five Z-Custom components.


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