Parasound P7 7.1 Channel Pre Amplifier

SAVI Systems present the Parasound P7 Preamplifier

The P7 represents a true audiophile solution for today's multi-channel and home theater enthusiast.
  • Input/Outputs:
    - 2 Multi channel (7.1) inputs for surround sound movies and music
    - 7 Stereo inputs (one balanced XLR input)
    - 1 MM or MC phono input
    - Front panel input jack for portable MP3 player
    - Unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR 7.1 outputs
    - Subwoofer output with analog bass management
    - Serial port for RS-232 control
    - Rear panel IR input jack
    - 3 different 12v trigger outputs
    - High quality headphone output

  • Software Features:
    - Custom input naming for all inputs
    - Theater bypass mode for connecting a digital surround receiver
    - Source input level matching
    - Headphone level offset
    - Analog bass management for stereo inputs
    - Links to Parasound Zhd HDMI selector (does not decode audio)

  • Other Features:
    - Relay-switched input select, mute & tone control engage/bypass
    - Full-featured remote control
    - Bass and Treble adjustable by remote
    - Tone controls engage/bypass by remote
    - Left/Right balance adjust by remote
    - Front/Rear balance adjust by remote
    - Subwoofer output level trim by remote
    - 20 dB partial mute and full mute by remote
    - 5 brightness settings for front panel display
    - Three 12V trigger outputs for 3 different functions
    - 12V trigger can be activated by remote control
    - Rack mount kit available, (2 rack spaces without feet)

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