Questyle QP1R Hi-Resolution Portable Digital Audio Player

SAVI Systems present the Award Winning Questyle QP1R Reference Portable Digital Music Player

If you are in to the world of Head-Fi - you will have undoubtedly heard about this amazingly well engineered high class device made by Questyle. The Questyle QP1R is housed in a ultra high grade CNC-machined aluminium chassis that is both weighty with quality but not too bulky for everyday commuting. The fit and finish on this hand held device really has to be experienced in person - many reviewers claim the fit and finish is on par with luxury watch brands, and we'd agree. 

Questyle have a wealth of globally patented technologies in the realm of digital audio, and three years ago, they sparked upon a plan to design a high-resolution portable music player (DAP). For their first DAP, their aim was simple - to make it possible, for true music lovers and professional audiophiles, to enjoy the same Hi-Fi listening experience achieved in state of the art home based systems, in a portable body. 
So to this end Questyle managed to engineer a portable that uses pure class A output stage, discrete transistors and components throughout and an ultra high grade headphone amplifier incorporating Questyle Audio's patented "Current Mode Amplification" to ensure a detailed,warm, airy and powerful sound. To make sure that the QP1R could make use of Hi-Res files, Questyle ensured wide compatibility with a huge range of audio codecs - or what Questyle term ' Professional Level Support for Audio Files' including native DSD support without PCM conversion.

The Questyle Audio QP1R's support ALAC,  APE, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA Lossless up to 24bit/192kHz and Hi-Res audio files such as DSD128 and DSD64 playback. All these files in their lossless class or higher reveal far much more of the original sound performance / recording of music than that of MP3 players or smart mobile phones. As a Hi-End portable DAP (Digital Audio Player) it needs to do be able to process the audio files which are classed as 'studio master' grade - all whilst operating at a very low power consumption, the engineering team spent several years perfecting this circuit to meet the challenge. 

One of the more commonly accepted theories about improving digital audio sound performance is regarding the reduction of jitter and enhancing digital clock accuracy in the DAC. The Questyle Audio QP1R follows the same 3X Clock design of their highly regarded  full size audio DAC model CAS192D. The 3X clock USB asynchronous transmission guarantees a more stable and precise operation revealing more details in the music. The three-clock integrated circuit with FIFO asynchronous structure and three voltage-stabilized power stages ensure accurate sound. The QP1R is able to present more details layered within high resolution music due to this highly accurate clocking scheme. Another very handy feature has been added after release - there has been a firmware update so you can now use the QP1R as a USB DAC / Headphone amp streaming straight out of a computer.

Questyle QP1R DAP - SAVI Systems Perth

Using Questyle Audio's highly regarded flagship headphone amp, the CMA800R as a reference, and merging "Current Mode Amplificaton" technology into a High-Res portable DAP was another engineering challenge that has been overcome. This allows the QP1R to drive virtually any headphone with vanishing amounts of distortion. Many Hi-End audio amplifiers are traditionally designed using all discrete components, and at no spared effort and expense, this design protocol is applied to the Questyle Audio QP1R portable DAP. So with Questyle’s “Current Mode Amplification” PCT patents, and an all class A architecture coupled to an output impedance of less than 0.19 ohms - the QP1R makes it easy to drive everything from very efficient 8ohm in ear monitors or 300ohm over ear dynamic headphones - and with various gain settings it is possible to match the output gain to your needs.

Being a portable device, battery life came into design consideration. The Questyle QP1R has a battery life of up to 10 hours, and consumes practically no battery once it is turned off, so if it sits turned off and unused for a couple of weeks it is good to go when you turn it on. The QP1R is fitted with a standard universal micro USB charge port which makes it easy to charge on the go with portable battery banks, compatible with most smart phone chargers and another handy feature is that you can charge and listen to your music simultaneously.
The QP1R comes with 32Gb on-board memory and (2x) micro SD card slots that are each capable of accepting 200Gb cards... so all up 432Gb storage is possible. This huge storage amount helps to ensure you can carry a large library (even of HiRes files) on the go.

Has all this attention to detail paid off? ... ..

You Betcha!  This portable has won a swag of praise and awards from the Hi-Fi press and even now it's a tough player to beat with it's mix of audio quality, storage amount and file compatibility stakes.

Questyle QP1R Portable DAP - Hi-Fi Choice Group Test Winner - SAVI Systems Perth


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