SAVI Tru Audio “Bad Boy” In-Wall Pack

  • Tru Audio Bad Boy in-wall 7.2.4 Atmos pack (3 x 350W in-wall LCR speakers, 4 x 220W in-wall surrounds, 2 x Trunami in wall sub pack and 4 x bipole 8” in-ceiling speakers)
  • Arcam AVR550 Atmos capable 7.2ch 4k Receiver with Dirac room correction
  • Parasound Zonemaster 4ch amplifier
  • Screen Innovations Series 5 Slate 133” Anamorphic Screen
  • Barco Residential Quantum Projector
  • Prismasonic Anamorphic Lens

Free Bonus – Control4 Cinema Control Pack, 1 x box of Tributaries 14/2 speaker cable, 1 x 10m Tributaries 4k HDMI Cable, Arcam UDP411 Universal Blu-Ray player and mounting kit for projector valued at $6115

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