Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2

Dimmer 2 is a compound dimmer switch unit adjusting luminous intensity which, despite its small size combines many practical functions.

  • smart dimmer switchBrightness regulation
  • wifi light switchPower switch
  • dimmer switchEnergy meter
  • led Dimmer switchFade in start function

Intently designed small Dimmer switch lighting controller can be placed in most standard electrical boxes and switches. Every house can be equipped with smart lighting. The only thing that has to be done is the installation of Dimmer 2 in electrical box or switch. The unit is non invasive to the existing electrical infrastructure so you can install it yourself or with help of the professional FIBARO installer.
Watch the installation video here.

During daily activities or while relaxing, you can use voice command to adjust lighting to current needs of household members with the dimmer switch. Even without a smartphone around, just say what you need and keep on doing your task.

Fibaro Dimmer 2 Product Details Click Here

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