iPort Control Mount - iPad Air 1, 2, Pro 9.7"

Control Mount for iPad Air is an elegant and simple way to semi-permanently mount an iPad Air in a wall or nearly any solid surface.  With a paintable bezel, you can even blend in the color of the frame into the installation environment.  And with VoltPort electronics you have greater flexibility than ever to consolidate power to a commercial power supply or use up to a 24V power supply to achieve greater power distance run between your power source and the Control Mount install.

The Control Mount Air securely mounts the iPad Air as a semi-permanent fixture in the wall with an attractive and discreet in-wall mounting assembly. The iPad Air home button remains accessible while its power button is cleverly and subtly replicated on the outer edge of the Control Mount Air frame. With this design approach, iPort has created a striking product to compliment the iPad Air experience and allow it to be installed in a room with a stunning aesthetic result.

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