KEF Q800ds DiPole Home Theatre Rear / Side Speaker (Pair) (Black Ex-Demo)

SAVI Systems presents the KEF Q800ds DiPole Rear / Side Theatre Speakers

To reproduce the sound of home cinema / theatre properly, it is often said that dipole speakers are the best at providing an enhanced / diffuse rear or side soundfield. Essentially dipole speakers have an array of speakers pointing out at different angles wired to make the sound seem less direct. This configuration therefore makes sound seem more spread out - as if it is coming from beyond the size of your room,  consequently the involvement in the action is noticeably enhanced by the addition of the Q800ds dipole array. Remember, dipoles have the ability to "spread" the left and right rear channels further than normal.

With the two 130mm (5.25in.) Uni-Q arrays on each speaker playing out of phase, ambient 3-D effects are completely diffused throughout the listening area to create an uncanny illusion of actually being there, whether that’s deep in the rain forest, in a high speed chase or a laser fight out in the middle of space. If you are planning a home theatre / cinema package at home, you should definitely be thinking about the advantages of matching the Kef Q series Q800ds DiPole rear speakers so you can hear the "larger than life" sound they produce.

Once you have heard the benefit of using DiPole speakers as rears at home -making the sound seem to emanate from beyond the limitations of the rear and side walls of your room - your Home Theatre experience will be changed forever.


KEF Q Series Theatre | SAVI Systems Perth


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