KEF T305 Home Theatre Speaker System

As one of the world's thinnest high performance home theater systems, the T305 5.1 home theater system combines several landmark innovative driver technologies incorporated into cabinets only 35mm thin.

KEF has designed a comprehensive range of high end home theater, and the T305 is among the slimmest on Earth. Whether hung on a wall or placed on desk stands, this skinny system does not compromise on hi-fi audio quality. At only 35mm (about 1.25”) deep, the drivers had to be redesigned from the ground up, resulting in a stunningly accurate sound image that takes up virtually no space.

Slim Speaker, Spectacular Sound

KEF’s T Series is unlike any other low-profile home theater sound system ever made. It combines two remarkable speaker innovations: an ultra low-profile LF/MF driver, and a fully vented custom tweeter. The T305 system is so slim that KEF’s engineers had to eschew a cone design and craft new twin-layer LF/MF units with a flat diaphragm. The driver’s rigidity ensures that no unwanted resonance is created within the cabinet, resulting in a distortion-free, accurate sound image. 

The T305 is impressively slim for a home theater sound system, and the suspension adds nothing to the speakers’ height. These speaker dimensions perfectly complement the latest flat-screen TVs, looking stylish without compromising on hi-fi quality in the least.

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