KEF T2 Home Theatre Subwoofer

Don't let the T-2's small size and unassuming, sleek design fool you. This subwoofer is a beast! With a 250W Class-D amp and a maximum output of 110db, you'll be shocked at the performance from such a slim subwoofer.

A slimline closed box design, the assertive T-2 subwoofer completes the 3D sound image by adding definition and weight to the LF response. Easy to conceal and operating in the same phase as the speakers for perfect integration, it delivers fast, uniformly dispersed and devastatingly accurate bass.

The slimmer sub
Not your usual bulky cube, the KEF T2 subwoofer is designed to be as slim as possible for a more discreet appearance. With a depth of just 177mm it's around half the thickness of rival subs and looks far less obtrusive next to a wall. The slim depth also lets it slide into tight spaces, such as behind your sofa, where regular subs simply won't go.

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