KEF R100 Hi-Fi / Home Theatre R series Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

SAVI Systems presents the Award Winning KEF R100 R Series Bookshelf Speakers

The Kef R100's are a mini marvel of a bookshelf monitor speaker.

Being part of the R series in Kef's speaker line up means that they have exceptionally fine detail retrieval and amazing hang in the air layered imaging / soundstaging - these traits ensure that the R100 delivers a precise, accurate sound whether it is in a traditional Hi-Fi stereo set-up or used as part of a home theatre / home cinema package. 

The Kef R100 delivers an impressive sound due to Kef's obsessive attention to details in the design of the speaker system as a whole. All R series speakers incorporate several key technologies to ensure that they deliver superior dispersion of sound, low distortion and an engaging musical accuracy.

Incorporated into the R100 is Kef's latest Uni-Q driver technology, this is coupled to ultra high quality components which are used in the computer-designed crossovers (this allows the level of each custom driver to be fine-tuned for a smoother, flatter response).

Cabinets also play a large part in determining a speakers' overall sound and accuracy and in the R series Kef really moves things up a notch over the Q series range. The use of constrained layer damping prevents cabinet vibration from muddying up the mid-range and bass frequencies. Even the airflow through the bass reflex port is designed to produce minimal muddying artifacts by using advanced computational fluid dynamics to optimise acoustic integrity - this delivers a clear, clean deep bass that is natural, tuneful and tight.

KEF R100 | SAVI Systems Perth


 The cabinets come in a choice of classic Piano Black as well as real wood veneer finishes in Rosewood or Walnut.

Quote from What Hi-Fi Magazine :
"If you’re after a good-looking set of standmounters and a spacious sound, these KEFs amount to a good all-round proposition and are well worth a listen."
Quote from SoundStage Access :
"The R100s could handle anything I threw at them. With any given track, I was always anxious to hear exactly how they would handle it, how much composure they could muster. But when fed acoustic rock or small-combo jazz recordings, and fueled by an efficient amplifier with some electrical fortitude, the KEF R100s perform with the confidence and poise of a grand master."
SAVI Systems - What Hi-Fi Award KEF R100     SAVI Systems - Diapson Magazine (France) Award KEF R100    SAVI Systems - What Hi-Fi Group Test Award KEF R100
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