KEF R500 Hi-Fi / Home Theatre Award Winning R series Slimline Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

SAVI Systems presents the Award Winning KEF R500 R Series Floorstanding Tower Speakers

The KEF R series range of speakers have been wowing the reviewers who are lucky enough to experience them since they were first released. The R series are designed for highly involving, fast, accurate, wide bandwidth sound whether it be for a Hi-Res Hi-Fi audiophile 2 channel system or a Premium Home Theatre / Cinema Surround sound package.

The R series enjoys a lot of trickle down technology that was developed for the mighty KEF Blades and the amazing KEF Reference range of speakers... many reviewers have commented that the R series is one of the best value high end speakers on the market.

The R500 tower speakers are the slimmest floorstanders in the R series range measuring a room friendly 180mm wide - ensuring that these speakers look classy and elegant in nearly any room. They are a true 3 way speaker in a D'Appolito array - this is a common method of physical driver arrangement to help achieve an on-axis response that is coincident with the physical on-axis plane i.e time aligned. Time alignment in speakers delivers better clarity and more precise imaging which is beneficial to delivering the 'out of box' sound that better speakers achieve. It feels as if the speakers just disappear and the artist / soundtrack is actually in the room.

The KEF R series speakers are continually praised for their open sounding, detailed yet neutral mid-range that is startlingly fast, dynamic and extremely low in distortion. This is due to the latest generation Uni-Q driver array. The high frequencies are reproduced faithfully up to and beyond 30khz - this helps to ensure super clean sound and low distortion with CD quality sources and provides an extended treble bandwidth to get the most out of vinyl and Hi-Res sources, music or movies. As nearly all the speakers in the R series share the same Uni-Q array to cover the mids and treble, the main difference in is the size of the supplemental bass driver units. In the case of the R500 slim towers there are two 5.25" aluminium high power handling bass drivers to help extend the bass response down to around 40Hz and allows amplifier power of up to around 150W to be connected.


KEF R500 | SAVI Systems Perth


Quote from Soundstage! Hi-FI :

"The R500’s sultry-smooth, extraordinarily clean, natural-sounding midrange allows this small floorstander to compete with speakers at any price. Its highs approach what the best speakers offer, and its soundstaging and imaging are beyond reproach. The R500’s bass is deep and robust, and what it lacks in definition it makes up for in a fullness and heft that allow this moderate-size speaker to sound big -- really big. Then there’s the transparent, seamless coherence of its drivers’ outputs:
The R500 sounds as if it has only a single driver."
Quote from That Hi-FI Guy :
"The detail that these speakers are capable of producing is excellent, audiophile classic tracks such as Nils Lofgren's 'Keith Don't Go', Angus & Julia Stone's 'Yellow Brick Road' and Dire Straits' 'Money for Nothing' all sound incredibly clear and give you an appreciation for why so many use these as demo tracks."
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